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How to Collect and Prepare Plants

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How to Collect and Prepare Plants

Post by Agrimony on Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:44 am

Best Way to dry herbs
One of the best methods for drying herbs is to spread them thinly
on clean paper, preferably on the floor, over which a constant stream
of fresh air can pass.
Herbs. or all vegetable medicines, should be kept in a dry and dark
place. Tin cans are to be preferred to other containers for storing
powders. Roots are best kept in covered boxes. Tinctures and extracts
should be kept in dark glass bottles to protect them from the action
of light.

The different parts of plants should be gathered when their peculiar
juices are most abundant in them.

The barks of either trunk, branches, or roots should be peeled
from young trees in autumn or early spring. After shaving off
the outer portion of the bark, cut thinly. and place in a good
position in the shade to dry.

These should be dug after the leaves are dead in the fall at which
time all the strength has gone down into the root. But better
still, dig them in early spring before the sap rises.

Seeds and Flowers
Onlv after they are fully ripened and in full bloom should seeds
and' flowers, respectively, be gathered. Then they should be dried
quickly in the shade.

Medicinal Plants
These should be taken while in blossom for best results, but can
be gathered at any time before the frost comes. Dry quickly in
the shade.

Leaves should be collected while the plant is in flower. Dry

Fruits and Berries
These should be picked when fully ripe. Dry quickly.

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