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An Alchemical Fire Ritual

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An Alchemical Fire Ritual

Post by Agrimony on Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:30 pm

This is a short description about the "Alchemical Fire Ritual" taken from a group of Ritual practitioners, It is a satisfactory explanation of the whole idea of an Spiritual and Alchemical Ritual.

An Alchemical Fire Ritual is a laboratory for experimenting with the art of transforming conscious. As we share music, stories, dances and ourselves through the flow of the ritual, we have the opportunity to discover those hidden parts of our self that we rarely get to see. All of this discovery happening in a safe, welcoming and loving space. What makes this type of magic work is full participation, as much as each person is able, by every one present. The real magic we create together is being present in the moment with each other so that we can perceive the wonder and bliss around us.
In an Alchemical Fire Ritual, the ritual space is known as the laboratory. Our lab has a particular set up that helps makes things work. At the center of our lab is our fire. It is the center of all that we do. It's the light we return to over and over again. It is the spark that lights our way through the ritual. Immediately around the fie is an open space used for offerings of movement, song, story, drama and wonder. This is where the action of our ritual takes place. This area is bounded by a ring of torches we call the Mars Line. From here folks can witness the magic of the ritual while giving their bodies a chance to rest. On one end of the Mars line is our Furnace, where the drummers and musicians gather to share their offerings of rhythm. Outside the Mars Line, is open space for conspiring and around all of this is a line of Prayer Ties.
This ritual works through participation. Drummers and musicians make music for everyone to dance and sing to as they help others learn to share their rhythms. Singers share chants and help others to raise their voice. Dancers share movement and help others learn to move. Bards share stories, poems, news and help others to connect to their own story. We each share what we are good at. We all share in the adventure of trying out new ways of expressing ourselves in sacred space. The act of challenging yourself to test what you believe to be a limit is a powerful magic. When you can challenge yourself while surrounded by loving supportive witnesses the magic deepens and often become “real”.

There is no script to this. There are no doctrinal rights or wrongs. We are free to create with each other in the moment. And all are encouraged to share as they are moved to do so.


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