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Determine if the Medicine has been properly prepared.

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Determine if the Medicine has been properly prepared.

Post by Agrimony on Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:07 am

Before administering any alchemical medication to animals or sick
individuals, a test should be performed to determine if the medicine
has been properly prepared. This is done by placing a small amount
of the prepared herbal substance on a thin sheet of heated copper. If
the medication melts like wax and does not give off any smoke,
and then solidifies when cold again, it is an indication that the
medication has been prepared correctly and that it is ready for use.

The correct dosage differs in almost every case, but if administered
in small doses there cannot be harm in any case.

The strength of the alchemical medication would also be a factor in determining the
proper dosage to administer.

Alchemical herbal medications are essence and salt in their purest form, as all irrelevant and extraneous matter has been removed during the process of calcination. That which is essential cannot be destroyed by fire, but is only purified and brought to its preordained state. Properly prepared herbal medications in correct doses, because of their raised vibrations, help to right bodily disorders. This vital life force plus its purified salt, or mineral substance, are the curative agents.


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