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Surviving the Holiday Season

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Surviving the Holiday Season

Post by Agrimony on Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:50 am

Tip #1: Having Holiday Blues because of Loneliness; feelings of Absence and Loss.

When we experience dreadful and disparaging emotions during the holiday season, it is because we are not at ease with ourselves and lives; there is something we find unpleasant, painful or intense in our outer conditions and there is an absence of something within.

The holiday season can serve as a powerful illumination of deep inner personal matters in need of our attention and resolutions, if we can allow for this to occur.

When the holiday season makes one feel lonely, empty or down, it’s because there are unfilled voids within one’s being. These voids could stem from unresolved emotions; feelings of absence, lost or grief; feelings of being disconnected from others; feelings of unworthiness, unattractiveness; feelings of regret, feelings of lack and despair… etc., etc.

The type of holiday blues that feelings of loneliness from absence and loss bring on, can be thoroughly remedied by:

* Understanding that others are not responsible for our happiness and feelings of well-being, WE ARE. If we are experiencing feelings of being down or broken-ness over the absence of a lover or loved one; realize that this has been our choice to do so.

We mourn the feelings that “this” person once brought us or gave to us, not necessarily the person. It is the feeling – the feeling “that” person invoked within us. Once we can fully realize and process this - then we regain a livening power to our spirits and actions, because we can now give ourselves “that” feeling which we miss and/or desire and we realize that it is NOT SOLELY found in the person who is no longer present in our lives. We can recapture the feeling missed by utilizing a new resource.

We are not replacing the person, we are simply and naturally reconnecting to the feeling that once nourished and/or nurtured us. We are giving ourselves permission to move forward in a new manner. We give ourselves permission to adapt to the change in our condition, situation, circumstance and environment.

We should always remember that in every moment we are in charge and control of our lives – whether actively, consciously or by default. We choose and decide our experiences and moments of joy, pleasure and pain.

This holiday season, if you have been dealing with a couple or several years of loneliness from an absence of someone special in your life – I urge you to give yourself the best gifts you can afford:

Gift #1. Acknowledge your truthful feelings.
Gift #2. Examine and reveal precisely why you feel down, lonely or empty.
Gift #3. Understand that you alone are responsible for your own happiness and feelings of well- being. You will not find any complete sustaining long lasting remedy in the external world (outside of yourself) to make you happy.
Gift #4. Decide on a healthy way or ways to make yourself feel better; choose Health!
Gift #5. Take positive and healthy action toward giving yourself the nourishing and nurturing feeling(s) you miss.
Gift #6. Give yourself permission to enjoy life again, in a new manner.

It is good to seek out skilled or professional assistance if you do not how to go about doing this on your own. There is no need for shame and it’s worth the investment in yourself, your future and your happiness!

[I speak from experience, know that you are not alone and I do understand!]

By Venus Firebird

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