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Hi Everyone I am introducing myself :)

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Hi Everyone I am introducing myself :)

Personally, I'm 57 years old, I have 3 grown children, I follow a nature based spiritual path, and I love to answer questions and teach. Professionally, I'm an author, astrologer, public speaker and instructor.

I was lucky to attend the Prima class at Paracelsus College and study with Frater Albertus just before he died. Since then I continued on my own with the Plant and Astrology Work. I reconnected with the alchemy community in '06 when I was asked to speak at the International Alchemy Conference in Las Vegas as an alumni of Paracelsus College. Afterwards, Dennis Hauck, president of the North American International Alchemy Guild suggested I write a book about alchemy astrology. It's titled, "Alchemy Astrology, Lost Key To The Philosopher's Stone". It's based on what I learned in alchemy school and I added the observations and experience gained from my laboratory experiments. The fixed stars and sidereal astrology have become important factors in my life Work.

I look forward to learning and sharing with this group. Smile


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