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Pyramids And The Philosopher's Stone

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Pyramids And The Philosopher's Stone

Post by Agrimony on Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:24 am

Imagine if the Egypt pyramids existed only in literature and not in physical form, how many people would actually believe that it’s possible to build something so huge, when even today with so much sophisticated technology, we can’t seem to consider them possible.  We just know that they are possible because we see them there.

I always asked myself, why would myths ever be told if they never existed, why would someone say something if it isn't true anyway.

The mythical Philosophers Stone, It might have been deformed, its concept might have been misinterpreted during the ages, but it’s there and it wants to be found, we just have to know what it really meant, what its purpose was and I think that only than we can truly see that it’s something unique and personal It can’t be shared with others It can’t be obtained from others but from your own inner universe that's within you.


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