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Jurad The prehistory alchemist

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Jurad The prehistory alchemist

Post by Agrimony on Fri May 22, 2015 5:11 am

Lets go back to prehistory for awhile.
There were 5 men walking the earth, walking and just trying to survive. One day it was cold and windy and one of the men, that was named Jurad, sees a cave and tells hes friends to go and enter the cave for that the cave will protect them from the wind and they will be kept warmer. Next day they wake up and they see that its snowing, the wind had stopped but it was still cold. Jurad starts rubbing hes hands instinctively and feels a pleasant warmth in hes hands, he tells hes friends to do the same as they will warm themselves. Next day when they wake up, they are very hungry and some of the meat that they have hunted before on their journey, was frozen, they just couldn't eat it. Jurad still rubbing hes hands and thinking what to do, sees two peaces of dry sticks and thinks of rubbing the two sticks to each other, they might create heat and somehow melt their food. Jurad takes the sticks and start rubbing them and he rubs and rubs when suddenly a string of smoke comes out, Jurad optimistic, realizes that he is about to create something keeps on going, doing hes thing until fire sparks and Jurad realizes that he just had discovered how to produce and manipulate with one of the most mysterious element that they had ever encountered.
In my opinion Jurad was the true born Alchemist, a person who had observed nature and learned from it with hes guts, he had nothing to read at that time, no one to tell him how to be helpful, he just listened to nature and with hes imagination found the true source of the two connections of him and the universe. Alchemy is born within us, the signs are the way we perceive things and in what matter.

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