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The Notion of Absolute

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The Notion of Absolute

An Alchemy learner must be tolerant. This is why we are considering the notions of Absolute and not the Absolute itself, because, according to the mystics, the Absolute is the Whole, the Unity, which is only accessible through Being Re-integration.
The only absolute which exists in this world is precisely the fact that, physically speaking, Absolute is inaccessible here below.

In our daily life, in the current and philosophical discussions, it is always useful to keep in mind that Absolute is not of this world. When an argument seems decisive and categorical, most likely one part of the reality is being veiled-doubt, for instance, may be hidden, and this takes away the absolute character of the argument. By uncovering this veiled aspect one can see the fault in the argument or the error in the situation thus presented. Conversely, if an idea
appears to be whole, then probably the problem wasn't studied well enough; one must then look for the elements which will smooth the edges.
The fact of realizing that the Absolute is not accessible in this world leads to tolerance, to
comprehension. However, doubt should not lead us to hesitation or even indecisiveness.

We can compare each situation to the two sides of a coin, each side having its advantages
and drawbacks. After an observation or a meditation, we choose one or the other knowingly.

This notion of the relativity of the physical absolute should be considered in relation to what is often heard among scientists, "this is scientifically demonstrated, this is a certitude". Further, no more in the mathematical realm than in sciences, is there an absolute demonstration.
When the scientists, relying on their knowledge, challenge metaphysical concepts, we can answer that nothing is verified in an absolute manner; that mathematics are based upon postulates that can't be demonstrated; that other sciences are based upon sensory experiments, and thus their knowledge is no more certain than their senses.

When you discuss metaphysical or mystical problems, try to remain logical and coherent and take advantage of the fact that your mind is not limited like that of a scientist so that it can
show and lead to a broader understanding of things, and to tolerance.

Tolerance does not mean to accept all beliefs, we would otherwise become unstable and changing. True tolerance consists in the willingness to examine facts, compare them with our own concepts and accept to modify or change what was accepted until then. Tolerance is a mandatory element to evolution, as evolution is itself constant modification. Whoever places himself in a fixed, determined point of view, cannot progress because his intolerance leads him to refuse any change required for any kind of progress.

One aspect of tolerance is understanding; understanding is in fact the application of tolerance to the domain of others behavior in life.
True understanding of others is only awakened within us through the elevation of our feeling of universal fraternity, and inner charity. To understand is to not judge, nor to excuse, but only to try to light the way for our kin onto his path.

In knowledge, there is no good nor evil, just a degree of understanding.


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