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What Is Magic

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What Is Magic

Post by Agrimony on Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:35 am

A brief description about what Magic is.
There are many impressions of the word Magic, for some it means, the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. For others just, wonderful and exciting.
There are a numerous types of magic, like: natural magic, the magic of nature, Talismanic magic, Ceremonial magic, Invocative magic, Sympathetic magic, Illusionary magic, Divinatory magic, etc. All of thees types of magic have their own philosophy but at the same time they express the same natural and spiritual desire.
Magic is not divided into types or kinds with regard to good or evil, moral or immoral, black and white. Magic is impersonal, open-ended and it is exactly the same no matter where it is practiced throughout the world.
What makes it good or evil, is not the kind of Magic that you use, but the use to which you put it. For example, one can use a prayer, and invoke the power of the SB in that prayer. Your prayer might be that someone is to be cursed. This means that you have used the power of God for the purposes of practicing black magic.
It is also possible to invoke a demon, straight out of the abyss, and to get that demon to heal someone. That would, however, be an example of white magic, despite the fact that you are using a demon to assist you. These are obviously two extremes, but it shows us that the essence of magic is not white or black, good or evil but totally and utterly neutral, detached and impersonal. It is a force that one can use for doing good or evil. The way that we use this force will determine whether it is black or white, not the actual magic itself.
Read further for for the types of Magic.

Magic by Franz Bardon
Magic is the highest science existing on our planet, for it teaches the metaphysical as well as the metapsychic laws valid in all the planes. This science has been called magic since human records began, but it has so far been reserved to special circles, mainly comprising high-priests and high potentates. They alone knew the truth but kept it a secret. They not only were fully acquainted with the synthesis of their own but of all other religions, too. The people, on the other hand, were taught about religion in symbols only. It took many centuries until scarce fragments of this science were also made known to mankind in a veiled manner, as was understandable. Because the majority of people had not under-gone any magic training by law, they could only understand these fragments from their individual point of view and, in consecquence, pass on their knowledge incompletely and one sided. That is the reason why magic science has, without any exaggeration, remained a secret science up to this date. The true understanding of magic laws depends on the spiritual maturity of the individual.To reach this maturity a certain pre-training is absolutely necessary. The individual by learning will therefore find it natural that he must be fully conversant with the first tarot-card, at least up to Step 8, if he wants to have further positive success in his practice of higher magic...

Ill leave the rest for you to decide.

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